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Process Engineering

 bullet-black FEED and DD for the Greenfield Offshore Drilling Platforms and the Pipelines.
bullet-black FEED and DD for the Greenfield Gas and Oil Separation facilities, Oil Export Systems, and the Pipelines.
bullet-black FEED and DD for the Greenfield Gas Conditioning Units, and the Gas Dehydration Units.
bullet-black FEED and DD for the Greenfield Offshore and Onshore Water Injection Plants.
bullet-black Recommend the options to enhance the production from the operating facilities.
bullet-black Asset Integrity studies, Flare and Blowdown studies and checking the system ullage.
bullet-black Transfer the Basis of Design into the FEED deliverables as PFD  (PFS), PSFS, P&ID (PEFS), and equipment specifications for the Brownfield projects and the well tie in projects.
bullet-black Verification of the FEED deliverables and perform the Detailed Design.
bullet-black Develop the operating, safeguarding, precommissioning and  commissioning philosophies.
bullet-black Model development using the HYSYS, UNISIM, HTFS (TASC ), STE, FLARENET, FRED, PIPESIM, PIPENET.
bullet-black Steady state model development, and matching it with the plant conditions.
bullet-black Dynamic analysis of the process systems, and the verification of the control and trip set points by estimating the safety time, etc.
bullet-black Verification studies of the process plants prior to commissioning.
bullet-black Conduct the design review and the HAZOPs.
bullet-black Design of the Heat E Perform studies and troubleshoot the associated problems around the heat exchanger.
bullet-black Develop the Hazardous Area Classification drawings, identify the concerns if any and provide the solutions to overcome.
bullet-black Design of the new Fire Water Systems, and the surge analysis studies using the PIPENET.
bullet-black Prepare the scope of work and development of the cases for the CFD studies and the transient studies using the OLGA.
bullet-black Training to operators.