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Civil & Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

bullet-black Feasibility Study- Conceptual design and Options with Cost-Time-Resources.
bullet-black Analysis and Interpretation of Geotechnical Investigation data.
bullet-black Geotechnical slope stability analysis of Earthen Embankment Dyke and Reservoirs.
bullet-black Detailing and design of infrastructure works, office building, pump house, substation structures with 3D PDMS model.

Structural Engineering

 bullet-black Perform Conceptual and Detailed Design of Offshore Structures and/or Infrastructure Facilities for Oil and Gas Industries.
bullet-black Design of Pre-service and In-service Jacket Structure and Topside Design
bullet-black Lifting, Transportation, Load out, Floatation/upending, On-Bottom Stability.
bullet-black In-Place, Dynamic Analysis and Miscellaneous Calculations (including Corrosion Protection, Trunnion and Padeye Design) of Platform.
bullet-black Boat Impact, Fatigue Analysis of Jacket, Platform verification.
bullet-black Pile/Conductor Make Up and Stick up, Pile Driveability Analysis
bullet-black LCR, EER Modules, Various Skids Design, Vent Boom, Jib Cranes, J-Tube design, Brown Field Modification, Deck Extension, Heat Shield.
bullet-black Carry out member optimisation and provide code checking to various International Standards using Structural Program (SACS)
bullet-black Weight Control Report
bullet-black PDMS 3D Model Of Platform
bullet-black BOCAD 3D Drafting
bullet-black Material Specification Relating to Structural Requirement.
bullet-black As-built package
bullet-black Provide Structural Supports to Piping, Skids, Equipment, Cable Trays, Telecom Tower etc.